September 2018, message from John Chilinde, the local project coordinator:
Stamburidge has given up to school and tries to make a living through fishing at lake Malawi.

School report card 3th class, 2nd period: unfortunately his school results are not satisfying. But his behaviour is good and he keeps going to school. Which is good too!!

Interview Jan. 2017
Stambridgie's father died in 2002. He lives together with his mother and eldest brother, Steven, who has married recently. His eldest sister, Olia, har also married and she is the mother of 3 children. His sister Dosh is also married and has 1 child. Finally his borther Trywell lives in the town of Rhumpi and goes to secondary school there - paid by relatives. Because of the death of the father the family had to sell some of the land and therefore has just a little land left, which means great poverty, even lack of food. Stambridgie usually goes to school without breakfast.

His results at school used to be very good, but have recently declined. Hopefully he will pick up on school results.


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