List of sponsors:

Aat and Atie Eerenberg, NL

Herman and Annie Grootveld, NL

Sophie Renckens, NL

Jos and Astrid Renckens, NL

Charlotte Renckens, B

Jasna Fabjan-Zwicky, B

Jonathan Mwenda grew up as an orphan in extreme poverty in the remote village Ruaerwe. He received a sponsorship for Secondary school through our Scholarships. Due to his great talent and hard work, he got the best exam results in the region and therefore he was selected to study medical equipment engineering at the Polytechnic University in Malawi. However, as a student without family to back him up, it is impossible to raise enough money for fees and the expensive life in the city. Therefore Malawi Scholarships has established this patchwork fundraising for him

Above: results 3rd semester (100 = best, 50 = pass, 49 and lower = failed)

Back in Ruarwe, home village, due to corona, april 2020

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