September 2018, message from John Chilinde, the local project coordinator:
Fyness' guardian got married with someone and moved to Karonga. Fyness followed her guardian.

Still her school results are poor (2nd school year, 2nd term)

Interview Jan. 2017
Fyness' father died in a car accident when he was in the south of Malawi and worked there as a fisherman. Her mother died in 2011 due to cancer. Now Fyness stays with the mother of her mother. The family has a small piece of land and makes a living by farming and piece work (working on the land for others on a daily basis). There is no source of light in the house. 

June 2017: she has not done very well this first school year... but it has occurred several times that students improve their school results substantially in second class.

JAN. 2017

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