The school fees for the school year 2020 / 2021 at Khondowe secondary  school is 48,000 = 61 EUR. At Bunga secondary school the school fees for the whole year is 60,000 kwacha = 77 EUR. The reason for the difference is that the Bunga community on its own initiative has started to build a girls' hostel next to the school. The girls will stay at this hostel from Monday till Friday. The purpose of the hostel is to reduce the number of pregnancies and to improve the girls accomplishments at school. In my opion Bungas initiative is a great initiative and should be supported in all ways. Scroll down to see the budget for Bungas girls' hostel. Probably Khondowe secondary school will build a girls' hostel in the coming years.

Finally: this year 21 students will do their final exams. The exam fees is 19,250 kwa = 25 eur.

This table shows total school fees and exam fees for the 110 students who are sponsored by the program this year. 

schoolnumber of studentspayment per student, kwatotal, kwatotal, eur
TOTAL SUM6.572.7508.483

The total number of students is 110, so a sponsorship of a student (average price, realistic exchange rate incl. banking costs) amounts to 8.483 / 110 = 77 EUR.

When sponsoring a student through Malawi Scholarships the full amount will be transferred to the school that the student is attending. This means that the only administration costs is the usual banking costs. Any travel costs (me, Anders and other fellow travellers) are paid with private money. An the salary of John Chilinde (the projects local coordinater) is paid by Anders and me. 

The sponsorship does not include booklets, writing materials and school uniform. Malawi Scholarships seeks to provide these items by selling lap tops and mobile phones that have been donated by people in Europe. The donated electronic items are brought to Ruarwe on the yearly trip (Erik, Anders and others who join) and sold by John Chilinde, the local coordinator, to people in and around Ruarwe. Last year John made a revenue of appr. 4,000 EUR. 

Malawi Scholarships offers full transparency. This means that you will receive by email a copy of the bank receipt that shows the name of the student, the name of the school and the amount transferred.

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